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When you're ready to expand your outdoor entertaining footprint, we can help! Our professional designers can work with your dreams and budget to create a beautiful addition to your home - whether it's a custom-stamped patio or just brushed concrete.


Whether you desire the smooth lines of finished concrete to decorative concrete designs, there's just no shortage of options. We can also repair existing concrete or simply add steps to your current design.


Slick Finished Concrete

It takes a little longer, but smooth concrete finishing produces the perfect floor for garages, warehouses, businesses or even porches and patios. Its ease of cleaning and appearance make this a popular choice.

Broom Finished Concrete

Want a little texture with that concrete? We can do that, too! Broom finishing creates a rougher surface texture and significantly reduces issues when wet. Widely used in pool installations, this option is also popular for patios as well.

Exposed Aggregate Concrete

This option is probably the most popular concrete finish for driveways and patios. While limestone is used primarily in slick and broom finishes, aggregate projects rely heavily on variations of pea gravel and river stones. When finishing, the concrete surface is treated with a chemical retardant. Professionals then wash and brush the surface to reveal the long lasting rock appearance.

Stamped Concrete

This decorative option is a work or art and has almost no limits! With the proper technique, tools and stamps, you can create stone, wood, brick or custom concrete designs. Less expensive than brick pavers, you can accomplish the same look at a fraction of the cost.

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