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Landscape stones make a statement!

 You want something different for your yard. But the very last thing you want is more yard work! Natural stones can make the difference. Large boulders, flagstone, river rocks...

The options are really much wider than you might imagine. Let us show you how rocks can be the perfect addition to your landscape!



Our professional team of design specialists can show you just how affordable a custom design with stone can be. Whether you have a complete set of working plans or just notes on a napkin, we work collaboratively with customers. Our project managers will share options and product choices guaranteed to meet your expectations and budget. 



What separates Tennessee Hardscapes & Patio from our competitors are our installers. Our trained and experienced construction specialists have years on the job experience. We can build your custom dream because we've done it countless times before. Whether you want a rock garden or a really large anchor boulder, we can show you how your dream not only increases enjoyment of your home, but can actually add value!


Request your FREE, on-site consultation, and let's get started today!




Your NEW outdoor living space is more than just a beautiful addition.

A professionally designed landscape with boulders and stones for your backyard can add tremendous re-sale value to your home. While you're relaxing with friends and family, you can also take comfort in knowing you're backyard investment is actually making money for you!

Who says you can't have it all!

  Outdoor living spaces add equity to your home
  Professionally designed & installed outdoor living spaces increase enjoyment of your home
 Create a personal design statement
  Stones are absolutely maintenance free
  Boulders & stones are available in all sizes, colors and shapes

We provide professional written estimates for every project. We meet project benchmarks, timelines and keep the lines of communication open throughout the process.
We have our own team of seasoned installers with 20+ years on-the-job experience. Small or complex, we routinely build outdoor living spaces that exceed our customers' expectations.
Our reputation has been built on experience, but it's powered by the trust of our customers. We value you!
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